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Brand Perceptions Digital and Traditional Marketing

Brand Perceptions is a specialist marketing agency providing advertising intelligence and media marketing solutions to the brands worldwide. In hiring us, our clients benefit from complete range of services including strategic market planning, direct market promotions, digital, creative and interactive marketing including public relations.

Web Design and Build

We design beautifully crafted websites keeping your overall strategy in mind. It is important to keep your customers engaged and portray a clear understanding of your brand that is in par with your unique selling proposition. There are millions of websites out...
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In today’s digital age, marketing companies heavily rely on sophisticated tools to promote products effectively. We bring the most advanced and highly intuitive tools to the marketing mix, offering our clients the best of breed in marketing and technical intelligence.
Brand Perceptions is part of Cinch Group of Companies with Cinch Technologies being the technology arm. With our sister company being a full- fledged IT company serving over 40 industries with high-tech solutions, it is natural that we are fully equipped with the technical prowess required to run most complex of marketing operations.
Our powerful cross network platforms allow us to broadcast information, publish news, create market awareness and engage clients in conversations through unified systems architecture and multi – channel access We have the technical...
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“Digital Marketing and Social Media for Regulated Clients”
Coming from a regulated background we understand the importance that regulation plays in life’s of our regulated clients. We have pondered long and hard to make way for your Digital Strategy to blend in with Social Media, after all why should regulated companies stay deprived of a media which is contemporary and powerful and has the potential to offer a strong customer base.
We service firms regulated by the (SRA) Solicitors Regulation Authority, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and act in accordance with the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000) and other Code of Conduct and Business Publicity and Promotions set out in the regulations and guidelines. We have devised a 10 step exclusive process encompassing...
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Planning is an integral part of the phenomena called “success”, blend good planning with slick execution and you get “growth”, add an ambitious company “you” to a hard-working and transparent company “us” to produce results which are truly inspirational...
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Constant improvement with lessens learned.
Optimisation introduces an iterative behaviour to the marketing model, where data gathered from client responses is accounted for and acted upon in order to consistently...
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An integrated approach:

With over 200 different services on offer we can confidently run your entire marketing operation, be it online or offline. Meaning you don’t have to hire different companies to run your traditional and digital campaigns...
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Worldwide Exposure:

Brand Perceptions is equally capable of giving you a global exposure should you wish. We possess the right tools and business acumen to offer you an exposure which otherwise will cost you a lot of money...
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An Iterative approach:

Given the current challenges it’s understood that a customer-centric approach, as opposed to a product – centric approach is all the more vital bloodline for the successful survival of the business...
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