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Jeff Pulver, an Internet Entrepreneur famously said, “you live and die by your database”. At Brand Perceptions we believe it is the quality of your database not quantity that matters. Networking and Public Relations are powerful and quick methods of getting your voice heard. To have a journalist friend who can run your brand story, a celebrity who endorses your product, a panegyric comment about your business by a community newspaper, an influencer who advocates what you do, a client that sings your praises to friends and family are priceless methods of promotion. Organisations spent copious amount of money in order to raise brand awareness and attract customers, 1 out of 10 customers (10%) are likely to purchase your product through mass marketing techniques, the time from awareness to conversion is longer and it takes time to build trust amongst your clientele, although very important for your brand building, mass marketing does not beat the strength of certain traditional marketing methods that still hold ground today. Word of mouth and PR on the other hand has the power to influence 5 out of 10 (50%) customers.

Our capabilities expanse all areas of PR: Public Relations, Press Relations, Celebrity Endorsements, Social Media PR, Influencer Outreach, or just purely developing a Word of Mouth and Referral Strategy for your business. We absorb ourselves in your business and understand the type of PR you will benefit from. With a strong believe that marketing is series of productive conversations taking place amongst people, we emancipate productive discussions amongst your audience and tenderly instigate effective and positive reaction, We call them “converse bites” such conversations when encouraged amongst your proponents helps to resonate and expand the right message, affect purchase ratios, brand perceptions and eventually higher market share.

What’s your story? All of us have a little story behind us, the reason we exist, why we do what we do, what motivates us to be successful. These stories give brands a unique personality creating a bond between the brand and its consumers. We hear your story understand brand values envisage how best it can be perceived, and imbue your audience with the information. We not only listen to the sound that your brand makes but encourage the affirmative voices that are whispered amongst your consumers. We will find the celebrity who is aligned with your proposition; research media venues, develop and create story angles, communicate clear thoughts with great enthusiasm; we create value by making connection, by earning permission and by building trust.

Still not convinced we are the right PR Company for your business, there is only one way to find out. Call us.

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