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It’s only in the last two years or so that mobile developments have started to reach, inspire and change the behaviour of the public at large. Mobile phones have not only become almost universally adopted as communication devices, they are also essential lifestyle accessories and a gateway to retail, leisure, business and educational activities.
Users now take for granted SMS, MMS and the ability to take photographs or listen to music with their phone. Emails, internet access and specifically-designed mobile applications are fast becoming standard, and user expectations are increasing with each new phone/operating system release.

Mobile is a hot topic, and that’s unlikely to change in the near future. It’s clear that businesses with serious plans for the future cannot afford to ignore mobile, or become complacent about it and take short cuts to mobile engagement. However, as with all emerging channels to market, the field is currently wide open.
While this offers a degree of freedom and room for innovation, it’s not always easy to identify where to start, or who to trust when it comes to developing mobile for your business. In a new and relatively unproven industry, there are many self-styled ‘experts’ who are very willing to offer ‘hit and run’ solutions which could prove to be costly both financially and from a brand perspective.

Who should have a mobile strategy?

The straightforward answer is: all businesses with a desire to attract and keep customers, and increase revenue in the future. However, there are four key points to consider before deciding if the time is right for your company, and committing to a mobile strategy: At Brand Perceptions we don’t push you into a strategy but go through all the deciding factors and establish whether you need one ? Exactly the type that will best suit your requirements ? and how much of strategy will you need ?
In essence, a mobile strategy should be a fully-integrated, thoroughly thought-out map for mobile engagement, focused on achieving specific goals. Done properly, it will touch every aspect of a business, including existing channels. We follow a unified approach to devising your mobile strategy.

Get in touch to see how you can unlock the potential of this highly interactive marketing medium. We will be glad to provide you with a customised solution formulated to meet your mobile marketing needs.
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