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We are a full service outbound call centre based in Greater London, servicing several industries like Properties, Investment Funds, Travel, IT and Legal Firms to name a few. We provide a while labelled service and our agents can be used for.


product introduction - lead generation - market awareness - follow ups – sales – after sales care - customer feedback - data rejuvenation – customer outreach: exploring unidentified avenues of consumer hunger, identifying niche consumer markets, introducing and testing products in such market segments.

Surveys and Research:

product comparative research – focus group research – mystery shopping – product refinement – competitive analysis – market surveys – customer satisfaction surveys.

Event Marketing:

Exhibition and Seminar push – Gigs and Concerts promotion - Appointment Booking - Event Awareness.


Data Cleaning - Data Structuring - Data Scrubbing – Matching - Data Verification - Data Appending.

Our state of the art calling technology ensures precise time management, ensuring real value for money for our clients. Our Intelligent auto dialler can predict voicemails, wrong numbers and no answers. Which means our calling agents only get to speak to real people when they pick up the phone, we let our machines deal with other machines by leaving auto voicemails and ignoring wrong numbers and no answers.

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