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Email Marketing

Marketing is best enjoyed when combinative tools are used consistentlyin perfect sync to encircle the consumer. Tools best serve their independent purpose when they are used to their uttermost strength. Every tool delivers a periodic impact, luring and imbuing the reader into making the final purchase decision. Research has shown that consumers need to see your brand up to 21 times before they can make a conscious decision to purchase your product. In the subconscious mind, however, your brand is making headway every time you appear in front of them.

Email Marketing works as a brilliant reminder, it is a powerful mechanism that can be used for “here we are again”, it also serves to promote “this is what we do” or “this is new with us” while keeping readers posted with “our offerings” it can also be used to close sales “your purchase today will win you …” and after- sale follow ups and feedbacks “Thank you for your custom, can you please complete a quick customer survey below”

Marketing Tripod: YourcompanyBlogholding recent most topics becomes yourcontent centre while Emails serve as a distribution mechanism by sending invites tothousands of your clients to visit the blog. Social Media comes in as adiscussion and conversion mechanism to convert these visitors to sales. These three tools if used toeach other’s advantage can be a powerful way of wooing customers into buying your product or service.

Strategy and Management: A well devised “Email Marketing Strategy”

Brand Perceptions will help you devise a competitive email strategy in par with your other marketing campaigns. We have gone from 0 to 750,000 subscribers in a few years and sent over 4,000 email campaigns.Our experience boaststhe knowledge to convert your email shots into a powerful, viral and sharing mechanism. From list building and management to forward looking strategic campaigns, from single email send-outs to complete marketing automation, product launches to purchase feedbacks your organisation will benefit from current client information share.

Our powerful solution enables you to conduct surveys as well as send thousands of personalised mails instantaneously; It is a feature rich, easy to use application that can be used for broadcasting news, sending reports and attachments, launching products, enhance market awareness, brand re-enforcement, crisis management, product recall or simply to keep your customers informed.

You can fully automate your email marketing, create customised fields, smartly segment their continuous variables (height, age, time) and discrete variables (car registration, business locations, children), ordinalvariables (academic grades, clothing size, attitudes) and nominal variables (sex, business type, eye colour, religion, brand, hobbies, likes, dislikes). Such precise profiling allows highly targeted and customised campaigns. Build on KYC (Know Your Customer) philosophy it enables, split testing, analytics, surveys, feedback forms, polls and research - allowing you to ask them questions, profile them accordingly, and then send out best fit campaigns for improved success rate.
We will help and advice on keeping the spam reports in check, maximum output and throughput, deliverability, bounce management and cleaning the lists, in other words “complete email strategy management”. Bringing intelligence and strategy to your marketing campaigns, a dedicated manager can be appointed to bring the most of, this becomes possible by having a profound knowledge of our software, email marketing strategy and the knowledge of your business.

Auto –Pilot your Marketing Campaigns

Imagine a silent workforce tirelessly working for you in the background while you do other important things. Setting up your Email Marketing on Auto Pilot means the email engine will continue to send emails on time, every time without fail. This option is a powerful tool to nurture your leads, ensuring your brand stays in front of your customers, Automating your email marketing will ensure highly targeted campaigns to your subscribers;campaigns can be automated according to event dates like sending a campaign two weeks before your exhibition or a new year wish. You can automate list cleaning or bounce handling and let the software organise users in profiles intuitively.

Email Automation Technology means customers can receive periodic campaigns in future, such campaigns can be designed as independent mailers going out on a specific date or a trigger set as a result of their actions. Triggering a series of emails as a direct result of customer’s actions improves upon the impression of your business, customers can’t help but feel you are an attentive business sensitive to their needs; on the other hand you save valuable time. An email received at the right time and an opportune moment is better than 1000 emails received when the customer is not ready for your service. Carefully planned automatic emails received in perfect sequence are proven to keep customers engaged and close more sales.

Take advantage by automating your Emails.

  • Set customer feedback loops
  • Convert leads to opportunities
  • Benefit from cross- sell opportunities
  • Fully automate your follow up marketing
  • Save time and meet customer expectations
  • Retain and maintain customer relationships
  • Manage, organise and clean lists automatically
  • Propose a sale when customer is most engaged
  • Send follow up emails according to customer behaviour
  • Warm cold leads by sending emails at defined intervals
  • Automate bounce processing by removing bounced emails
  • Highly targeted campaigns based on preferences, age, sex, marital status, location, likes and dislikes

Some Automation Examples:

Transactional confirmations, contract renewals, cross – sell opportunities , event invites, new year wishes, automatic quotes and downloads,

Dedicated Platform:

if you are in need of a more advanced solution and need a dedicated platform to service thousands or millions of customers, then we can setup a dedicated platform for you. Your own platform that has the capacity to delivery 500,000 emails an hour. This option is available with self-managed campaigns as well as with our Email Campaign Strategy Management.

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What you can get
  • Your own user access
  • Unlimited Email Sends
  • Flexible Plans and packages
  • Campaign Management
  • Email Campaign Strategy
  • List Building and Management
  • Complete Email Automation
  • Scheduled Sends
Benefits and Uses
  • Marketing and Awareness
  • Keeping Customers Informed
  • Branding
  • Introduce new products
  • Customer Retention
  • Lead Engagement
  • Understanding Customer Requirements
  • Market Research Product Sensitivity Checks
  • IncreaseCustomer Base
  • Improve Sales Performance
  • Crisis Management > Product Recall
  • Email Automation
  • Event Marketing
  • Customer Profiling and Segmentation
  • Email Intelligence and Reporting
  • Auto responders
  • Easy to use WYSWYG Editor
  • Built In Spam Checker
  • Embed Images, Send PDF, Documents as Attachments
  • Viral Marketing
Features II
  • Split Testing
  • Automatic Event Logging
  • Google CalenderIntegration
  • Survey and Feedback Forms
  • Link Click Tracking
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Soft and Hard Bounces Management
  • Send Timely Scheduled Campaigns