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Digital Marketing and Social Media for Regulated Clients

Coming from a regulated background we understand the importance that regulation plays in life’s of our regulated clients. We have pondered long and hard to make way for your Digital Strategy to blend in with Social Media, after all why should regulated companies stay deprived of a media which is contemporary and powerful and has the potential to offer a strong customer base.

We service firms regulated by the (SRA) Solicitors Regulation Authority, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and act in accordance with the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000) and other Code of Conduct and Business Publicity and Promotions set out in the regulations and guidelines. We have devised a 10 step exclusive process encompassing strategic and compliance issuesOur best practice and consultative approach ensures that our clients are aware of campaigns that we are running on their behalf. Our initial consultations are designed to pre-determine your comfort level and the kind of message you would like to put out there. A digital strategy is then formalised following the perimeter set by you for your campaigns. Our second tier checks ensure you pre-approve the campaigns and any changes that are made to the campaigns before we put the content out there to attract your potential clients.

The trick here is to do as you please, as long as you are strictly following the guidelines set by the regulatory body. Regulations are purely consumer – centric and their main aim is to ensure that organisations have customer’s best interest at heart. This should not be difficult, keeping in mind your customers are your lifeline and they should be treated that way.

Certain key points to consider are:

  • Activities on social media and other digital media should comply with Promotion Rules.
  • Promotions are clear, fair and accurate so as not to mislead costumers.
  • Platform Suitability.
  • Thorough assessment of the target market.
  • Well planned Social Media Strategy in compliance with the regulation.
  • Recordkeeping and Archiving.
  • Compliance and Content Regulation.

Apart from key points highlighted above, there is a long list of Do’s and Don’tDo’s,that we comply with while promoting your business on Digital platforms including Social Media.

Types of regulated clients:

  • Law firms and solicitors.
  • Individuals.
  • Collective Investment Schemes (CIS).
  • banks and building societies.
  • investment firms.
  • credit unions.
  • mortgage and other home finance providers and brokers.
  • insurers and insurance brokers.
  • stockbrokers, asset managers and financial advisers.
  • Exempt Professional Firms (EPF).

Note: Brand Perceptions is not regulated by SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) or FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) as these regulatory bodies do not provide regulations for marketing agencies. While promoting business for our regulated clients we follow best practice guide, code of conduct and publicity. We also abide by Conduct of Business and promotions, FSMA and other related guidelines required in order to be compliant with the regulations.

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