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Brand Perceptions is equally capable of giving you a global exposure should you wish. We possess the right tools and business acumen to offer you an exposure which otherwise will cost you a lot of money. The telemarketing campaigns can be designed to approach different communities and countries around the world and we can call overseas just as comfortably and efficiently as we were making a local call. Apart from telemarketing expertise, traditional marketing and digital marketing can be directed to approach such communities and countries. We go to extreme lengths to make your global campaigns a success. It is widely understood that purchase decisions are a direct result of social behaviours, cultural influences and personal factors. We ensure that we speak your clients language by employing the right people who speak the native language be it remote campaigns via social media or ground campaigns that will take place in the target country. We study that culture, their values and heritage, hone in how your specific product can gain interest, the tools that can be best used to market the product. In other words we enter the market with a specific plan of attack. Our comprehensive research survey comprises of over 200 questions, addressing questions related to your product, demand generation in the target market, buying patterns, decision making, cultural influences, routes to market, current and predictive buying trends.

Chinese don’t make buying decisions on cold calls or ad-hoc introductions but believe in the concept of Guanxi (buying through building relationships), In South Asia purchase decisions are made predominantly due to peer pressure, Malaysians like to discuss it with their families first, Arabs from UAE like imported foreign products, and in UK products and services are brought depending on their competitiveness and comparative advantage.
Deep observation of different cultures and geo-demographic segmentation has given us a trenchant insight into how best to promote the products to a particular social class.
Let us know if you are planning a global campaign, our international marketing strategists will be happy to discuss your strategy and put a plan together in line with your vision.

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