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Brand Perceptions is a specialist marketing agency providing advertising intelligence and media marketing solutions to the brands worldwide. In hiring us, our clients benefit from complete range of services including strategic market planning, direct market promotions, digital, creative and interactive marketing including public relations.

We are a full service agency providing in-house call centre facility, multi-lingual telemarketing team, creative designers, digital marketers, developers, planners and campaign execution managers. We speak 8 languages and come from 5 different cultural backgrounds. Our extended team includes, travel experts, marketing psychologists, statisticians and sociologists. Such a mix, we feel, adds an incisive edge to our existing creative mix.

Stepping aside from the razzmatazz of the marketing world, we contribute a unique mix of psychology, business intelligence and scientific analysis, heaps of experience and a profound knowledge of industry sectors we specialise in. Our techniques are inspired by human psychology and behavioural decision making, using emotions and reasoning to influence purchase decisions.

A wide array of marketing services, core data of UK and overseas buyers and a good understanding of their purchase behaviour provides us with a favouring comparison over our industry peers. We harness the power of technology; fuse it with modern day marketing and apply it to human cognitive behaviour creating results that are truly phenomenal. In simple words “We Get People Buying”

Why Us

An integrated approach to Marketing:

With over 200 different services on offer we can confidently run your entire marketing operation, be it online or offline. Meaning you don’t have to hire different companies to run your traditional and digital campaigns.

Global Exposure:

Our setup and infrastructure allows us to execute and manage global campaigns with the same efficiency as if we running a local campaign in UK.

Client Satisfaction:

Our world revolves around our clients’ needs and aspirations. We are determined to make your campaigns a success, this may mean hiring people who speak a certain language or come from a certain background. We once hired a team of French speaking salesmen and women, trained them to sell IT Services to the French speaking Countries of Africa.

Research Data, Industry Reports, Surveys and Statistics:

We spend a fortune to have access to recent most data from all leading research organisations, government bodies and trade media in order to keep us informed. This knowledge gives us a deep understanding of the changing patterns that are part of irregular consumer behaviour. The better informed we are the better we can strategise your campaigns.

Core Data (UK and Overseas):

We own and have direct access to 40 million B2B and B2C UK records neatly profiled and segmented according to their requirements. This means unique insights into what consumers actually buy, when they buy it, how much they spend, what channel they use and what motivates them to buy. Our overseas data is comprised of over 100 million records for China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. Other countries are available upon request.

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