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Brands and Organisations worldwide have trusted us to market their products in UK. We have observed UK market long and hard and enjoy a comprehensive insight into the buying behaviour of the categorised social classes and their purchase patterns. Our relational knowledge depicts purchase reasoning based on dependency and evaluation of objective and subjective fixations like existing affluent car owners shuttling to work in London are more likely to purchase electric cars, families with new-borns are likely to holiday within Britain, People living in mining and industrial zones are more prone to accidents and certain health risks. At the risk of these examples being obvious facts these social classes have a distinctively varied approach to the way they will react to advertisement or make buying decisions. Electric car owners like to adopt early and be first in their purchase; families consult other families and depend on recommendations before choosing their holiday, people living in non-affluent areas react to pub –talk, radio and media advertisements more than the internet.

We use cross profiling techniques to identify and penetrate into new market segments, apart from the existing knowledge and research we can help with dedicated reports highlighting mutual or reciprocal co-relations pertaining to your products.

As a foreign brand it is imperative to understand the local market, analyse the demand, gauge receptiveness, perceive acceptance, evaluate growth, Identify cultural, psychological, geographical and demographical factors, decide target segment, determine a plan of attack and execute using the most effective of strategies.

Whether you are planning to launch a new product in UK or determine new markets for an existing product, raise capital for a fund, a soft launch to test the market or a full blown campaign to take the market by storm, we will give your campaign the optimum exposure it deserves with the valour your competition resents. Our greatest strength lies in current and updated data sets. Your campaigns can get a head start with our existing data.

Ground Teams

Our trained ground teams are always ready to hit the streets to help create awareness on a one to one basis. They can position themselves in front of shops, shopping centres, train stations, these campaigns work best when there are incentives to be given to consumers. Strategic geographic targeting means we can aim at the type of people who walk the street, be it students, rich and affluent business owners and bankers or people within a certain age group. Nothing beats a physical one to one interaction to ask in-depth questions. Ground campaigns are used to create awareness, perform research and surveys, and sell on the spot.


Business Owners
Decision Makers – 1 Million


Future Plans
High - Flyers

Funds, Financial and Legal Services

Hedge Funds
Independent Financial Advisers (IFA’s)
Mortgage Brokers

Investors and Millionaires

UK Investors – 10 Million
UK Millionaires – 30,000


Health Conscious Consumers
UK Lifestyle Groups
UK Listed Businesses
Silver Surfers


Magazine Subscribers
News Paper readers

Property and Real Estate

Commercial Investment Companies
Landlords and Property Investors
Property Developers
Residential Investment Companies
UK and Overseas Estate Agents

Sports, Habits and Hobbies

Book Buyers
Frequent Shoppers
Horse Riders
Movie Lovers
TV and Film Lovers


Travel Agents – 8,000
UK Holiday Makers – 11 Million
UK Parents and Families – 8 Million


Charity Givers
Car Owners
Pet Owners

Get in touch to discover what we can do for your product or your brand. We will research the local market, identify the opportunities and provide you with a customised proposal in par with your marketing strategy.

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