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Social Media Marketing

Strategic Importance It is now obligatory for a brand to have a social media presence, but the nature and form of that presence needs to evolve. More and more corporates are using social media to promote their business while every second 4 new users are joining social media, Digital engagement is the next evolution of managing and monetising your brand’s interaction through social media. Customers have high expectations when they start to engage with a brand through social networks.

While imagination is the hook, we must move on from one-way communication and ‘telling’ brand stories which we expect our customers to listen to passively. The truly successful social brands are those that connect as theircustomers connect, talk as their customers talk and act as their customers act. The socially tuned-in brand is a personality, it’s human, it has needs andit meets them through digital engagement.

It is vital to understand why social media is an important part of your organisation’s communication efforts. With an audience boasting millions of potential customers it is important to keep the integrity of your brand intact alongside the objectives. The share size and complexity of this media demands brands to have a clearly defined strategy evidently mirroringtheir offline and digital campaigns.

The hailing power of social media is drawn from the fact that organisations can target market their customers according to their age, sex, income, occupation, education, race and ethnic origin, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, their unique needs, wants and desires. We create plans and strategies where the consumers feel attached at an emotional level, where the product talks to them appeals to them and falls into their best fit criteria.

We listen to your clients and we listen to you, we engage in conversation with your clients about what you have to say, we become your eyes and voice and ears for your customers. What we listen and learn from your clients is fed back to you. We understand your brand and values and look for customers who will understand it equally well. This learning listening and feedback process introduces iterativity.

Brand Perceptions can help you devise a Digital Strategy keeping in mind the following att.

  • Demographic Segmentation
  • Geographic Segmentation
  • Geo-demographic Segmentation
  • Homogenous Segmentation
  • Heterogeneous Segmentation
  • Behavioural Segmentation
  • Innovative Segmentation

We can help identify the target audience by their lifestyle or psychographics based on their activities, interests and opinions, product usage, purchase influence,

  • Mass – Market Strategy and Penetration
  • Growth Market Strategy and Penetration
  • Niche Market Strategy and Penetration

Social Networking

Traditional networking methods have existed for centuries, who could have thought a medium will arrive that will help to socialise and network remotely. Although Social Networking does not enjoy the persuasive powers that traditional networking holds, there are strong benefits in linking with communities worldwide, you have the power to connect to your potential consumers 12 thousand miles away with a click of a mouse.

There are over 200 social networking sites and yet we speak about the top 10. All these websites are there for a reason, they are serving different interests, hobbies and feeding the appetite of those who like to connect to link minded people across the world.

Just like in a combat, we identify the arena first. It is better to be on a playing ground where you have a good chance of winning. After we have profiled your ideal customer type we let our sophisticated searching mechanism highlight where such people are most likely to be found, in other words which social media sites are their best hang out, where are they commonly found and why are they there ? For example: an art fanatic may be found on linked in, but he may be there for his work or job and not for his passion, similarly academic researchers will hardly be found on Facebook. We address the most important question Why are they there?

Social Media is a platform where hard sell never works. So we approach your campaigns by building relationships, casting the wider net of potential customers, putting out your product to the masses and sensing the likability, engaging in conversations with the people who like what you do or what you say, showing your appeal consistently by offering fresh content every time, conversing a two way dialogue, surprising them with something new, raising their curiosity about who you really are, slowly enticing them to take the next step, showing them we care by keeping our listening ear open, listening and listening again carefully and then contributing to the conversation, nurturing a client from being a distant prospect into gradually promoting and selling your product.

Content Creation and Management of Newslinks, Blogs, Forums, Tweets and so much more...

We are quite commonly asked the question, is SEO dead? Is there real value in SEO ? I am paying extortionate amount of money for SEO to this company but nothing seems to be working. Our Answer typically is: SEO is not dead, but it has changed its form to some extent, unfortunately whether Google likes it or not, Google has had to change their algorithm to accommodate the new kids on the block. We mean the Facebooks, LinkedIns, Twitters and so many others out there. This is a blessing in disguise for a lot of our clients who only dreamt of getting to page one of Google. Now we have many methods , apart from begging and pleading other websites for backlinks to your site, careful, calculated and well executed social campaigns can get you to page one of Google. How? Don’t ask How..Just leave that to us. An appreciation of the fact that sales and marketing is tightly linked to a company’s reputation has motivated us to develop a belief system; this doctrine is followed and advocated while we train our team members to act on your behalf. We spend time with you to understand your business inside out,turning ourdigital marketing team into powerful epitomes, representing you. Your team not only reinforces your brand perception but your business ethos, your business attributes, your ideology and the comparative advantage, the very reason why your customers come to you. We stay aware of your brand promise and the persona it carries amongst your clientele. We emulate your mannerisms; understand your values and the intrinsic nature of your organisations behaviour giving your clients the real feel of dealing with you. An analogy we have used before, think of us as a “transparent layer” between you and your customers, an invaluable layer that allows two way flow of information but not without crucial contributions and intuitive outcomes.

Whether we are actively blogging for you, conversing over text messages, or representing you on forums or news-sites, we create fresh and meaningful content that is consistent, engaging and provocative in order for readers to engage with you or share it with their friends or colleagues increasing the exposure and thus spreading the word.

79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance. (Source: MarketingSherpa)

Our aim is to turn readers into customers by building trust through effective lead nurturing, by offering a fresh perspective and contributing valuable information that is worth reading. It’s always about the reader; the reader is reading your content and looking forward to an answer to his question, solutions to his problem or need information to add to his knowledge, information that is helpful, that can be put to immediate use, actionable and real. Either way the content has to be useful to the reader and easy to understand. Opinions should be unique and designed to benefit the customer. Readers who feel cheated leave never to return.

We research your competition and the experts and try and find a niche for your blog, for your conversations and social media content. It is important that readers feel that they have access to information not widely available through others, or at least your comments offer better real world solutions, they should come away having learned something as if they accomplished what they went for, they should feel the source of information was credible and trustworthy. Readers who gain will come back for more, it is these readers who we target and nurture, and eventually convert them into your customers.

Again you might ask? How do we do it ? .. Well let us do the doing; all you need to do though is hire us.
Hire us today by calling: 0203 326 0449 or emailing: [email protected] or texting us to : 00447828212732

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