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Digital Marketing

Digital is clearly still the fastest growing area of marketing, customer retention and engagement. Inevitably, digital channels and engagement through digital channels are now not only an expected part of audience experience when connecting with a brand-they are of ten at the core of an audience member’s engagement with a brand.

Audience expectation has increased to such a level when considering brand engagement that:

  • It is no longer acceptable for a brand to wait for the audience to visit
  • Brands must actively communicate to prosper
  • Positive engagement snowballs, arrogance creates stagnancy

Digital is the greate qualiser and relationship builder.
Humans by their very nature are communicative and inquisitive, and digital channels allow brands to interact with their audience on both levels.
The level of involvement required by the audience to engage with a brand, in many cases as implecli ckof the mouse, shrinks the gulf between interaction and off line brand perception.

The greatest benefit of digitallies in its ability to forge individual relationships with the audience. Unlike any other broadcast medium, digital channels allow direct engagement with each member of the audience.

Digital offers brands new opportunities that traditional methods cannot easily match:

  • Digital does not obey the line
  • Digital should be cost efficient
  • Digital can be broad cast and personalised
  • Digital should always provereturns
  • Digital can be reactive as well as proactive

Digital strategy offers brands and companies new, uniqueways of engaging with their customers and audiences to afar higher level than has been previously possible. Initial faltering steps in digital marketing such as PPC and SEO are the tip of the iceberg as to what is possible.

Well-conceived digital strategies and campaigns will push brands ever forward in the consciousness of their audience and lead to lasting adoption, advocacy and, over time, increase expectation from industries as a whole. Froman audience perspective, digital allows the model to change frombeing a monologue to a dialogue.

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