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Sales Outsourcing

Marketing and Sales as a Service

Our clients can outsource and delegate their entire sales operation to us. We remain invisible and gladly work quietly in the background while pushing your brand name to your clients, We understand your market, educate and nurture the clients, and sell to them as if you were doing the selling.

An appreciation of the fact that sales and marketing is tightly linked to a company’s reputation has motivated us to develop a belief system; this doctrine is followed and advocated while we train our team members to act on your behalf. Your sales team not only reinforces your brand perception but your business ethos, your business attributes, your ideology and the comparative advantage, the very reason why your customers come to you. We stay aware of your brand promise and the persona it carries amongst your clientele. We emulate your mannerisms, and the intrinsic nature of your organisations behaviour giving your clients the real feel of dealing with you.

Putting a face to the name:

We don’t have to be a behind the scenes sales team, we can meet and greet your clients in flashy offices carrying the persona of your brand identity. Well versed in how to handle influential meetings, our team members will represent your organisation with utmost rectitude, going further and beyond the classic style of one to one meetings we will hold seminars to sell on the spot, arrange board meetings with your virtual presence, travel across the globe to represent you in meetings, trade shows and exhibitions.

Benefits of outsourcing your Sales Department to us:

  • Rapidly build your marketing and sales capability without adding substantial costs.
  • Delegate and appoint a team with years of selling experience.
  • Quick route to market, start selling instantaneously, save on hiring and training time.
  • Deep understanding of different communities and cultural backgrounds.
  • Gain global exposure by selling your products and services globally.
  • No lengthy employment contracts, no battling with the law.
  • No tax to pay and no employment indemnities to cover.
  • Direct access to advanced technology and tools required to run an effective sale operation.
  • Execute complex marketing operations with utmost ease.
  • Opportunity to upscale and downscale service as willed.
  • Benefits are endless. So what are you waiting for.
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